Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives You Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography with Smartphones

You can always take good pictures. You can use your smartphone to take excellent photos. However, you require skills and good knowledge to capture the memorable moments of your life using your smartphone. For you to create a good scene, you need a good eye. If you understand photography in depth, then good lighting is part of your knowledge. Moreover, there are some useful tricks to make it better. For you to take fantastic photos, you need the tips below according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

1. Use the composition principles
When you try to make a better scene, you will have natural things. However, a better scene provides a better picture on For instance, placing a middle-scene horizon creates a stable ground for the photo. For this reason, the viewer will not know whether it’s the ground or the sky. Learn the basics of composition to increase image quality. For every picture you take, try to apply the composition rules. The structure is also improved by timing. A simple turn can make a masterpiece if you have poor balance.

2. Take an extra second
When cameras first appeared I smartphones, they offered seamless integration with quick pictures on Make a good decision without the need to take a picture. There are no excuses for poor quality images when smartphone cameras can take clear and crisp images. Therefore, take extra time to compose the image. Before taking an image, decide on what to be included in the background. An extra time can save a stitch.

3. Get rid of the flashlight
While we prefer this feature, it has numerous disadvantages. Smartphones can be abrupt. They create strange highlights and shadows. The flashlight can affect the color of an image. For this reason, the flashlight can ruin the image if not used correctly. You can put it off unless it’s the only way to take a photo. Use natural light as the best source of energy. It is better than the flash. Your image will appear illuminated.

4. Use several camera applications
You will never be disappointed with other better camera application software. There are more options with the third-party applications. Try using applications like Camera ZOOM FX, Camera 360, Manual, ProCamera, Camera+, and many others for increased quality. If you are required to pay for some of these applications, do not hesitate.

Jose Figueroa is an executive from Venezuela. He is based in Panama where he runs various businesses. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is well-known for founding and managing bug businesses from startup. While in Panama, he holds seminars with young business entrepreneurs. He is good at forecasting the economy.

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How Successful Betters Approach College Football Betting

There is nothing as good as sitting down with friends on a Saturday afternoon to watch college football. It usually comes with an increased level of excitement when one bets on the games. It gives one a chance to win money on the winning teams. One of the best ways to ensure wins with betting is to make use of betting resources. These resources usually come in the form of information provided by different companies. is a great place to find betting information. It is always better to bet with the site and pay a little amount.

Betting on is an easy way to find information about college football odds. Football and Basketball games are usually hard to keep up with rankings. A leading team can be upset by a few changes in the game and get knocked down. Getting information from a site like is great because it acts as the best advisory platform to place your bets. There may be games that have evident wins but may not match up with the actual game. gives people information about what they need to make the best decisions. The information provided removes the need of following college football. Users of the website have found it very informative and resourceful.

With the information provided, you can follow tips at the website to take betting to the next level. Betting can become a favorite weekend hobby when you start making wins. It can be a way to make serious cash when you place sound bets.

Many people that have placed bets on college football know how difficult it is to achieve luck. You can spend a lot of money when placing bets based on feelings and lose a lot of it. Betting based on information is going to be a sure way to win. provides the easiest way to become a pro at betting. Your friends will start relying on your betting options to place their cash on bets.

There are thousands of websites that provide information on college football betting. has the most relevant information on odds. It is a sure way for any gambler to increase their chances of winning. No other website out there provides the kind of information from the site. There are other games that people can play on the site. It is going to be important to spread out bets on different teams.

The Kabbalah Centre Gives Traditional Teachings a Modern Makeover

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that provides education of Kabbalistic teachings and of the Zohar through their city-based centers, worldwide groups, and online. The Kabbalah Centre has an international staff that is multi-ethnic and offer leadership to their international community.

Conventionally, Rabbis didn’t believe that just anybody could learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. It was believed that Kabbalah’s mysteries were too complex to be taught to anyone but the most devout of students. While some may see the Kabbalah Centre as a perversion of Kabbalah’s mystic traditions, others view it as a method in which Kabbalah’s teachings can be experienced by all.

The Kabbalah Centre was originally founded in 1965 by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. After Brandwein died, Philip and his wife Karen re-established the Centre in New York City. In 1984, the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles was opened. Now, the Kabbalah Centre has over 50 worldwide branches, in major cities like London, Toronto, New York City, and Los Angeles.

The organization begins teaching its students as if they had no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish texts. This approach is unheard of, as traditional Kabbalah methods dictated a student’s knowledge of these texts a prerequisite. The Kabbalah Centre does not present itself to the world as a religious alternative, but only a supplement to the already existing religions in the world.

The Kabbalah Centre believes that students of Kabbalah should only be concerned with the essence of God, not God himself. God is believed to be beyond comprehension and therefore a relationship with him is not possible. One must try to be as close to him as possible.

The Centre also teaches Klippot, a Kabbalistic concept. This concept is the idea that every person has a connection to the spiritual world, but is blocked by Klippot. Klippot restricts the spiritual energy from entering the body. Through Kabbalistic teachings, it is believed that one can remove Klippot.

The Kabbalah Centre holds celebrity followers like Madonna, who no longer gives concerts on Friday nights because of Shabbat, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Roseanne Barr, and Alex Rodriguez.

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WEN by Chaz Gives Hair New Life

WEN by Chaz Dean, accomplished and knowledgable hair stylist has changed the haircare industry and women everywhere are benefiting. Ordinary shampoo and conditioner contain harsh sulfates that strip the hair of its natural oils. By using WEN cleansing conditioner, consumers can bypass using shampoo and give their hair the care it really needs.

WEN Hair cleansing conditioner removes impurities while letting the hair’s natural oils remain. The product contains natural strengthening ingredients like chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, glycerin, and panthenol. Combined, these ingredients feed the hair with nutrients making it more manageable.

WEN by Chaz is a haircare line unique to its own and has grown in popularity with many women since its debut. In fact, 100% of women that have tried the product say that their hair has become more moisturized since beginning use of the cleansing conditioner.

WEN by Chaz also offers different styling products like a nourishing mousse and an anti-frizz styling cream. In addition, the line carries a moisture intensive hair treatment that contains Shea butter and sweet almond oil.

By using a combination of WEN products you’ll experience haircare in a way you never have before. Even better, your hair will carry a sheen that you’ve never seen it have before!

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Adam Milstein Looks to The Future of The Jewish Faith

Recently, Adam Milstein led one of the largest meetings of the Jewish community in the country. As a part of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein is responsible for shaping the direction of the Israeli-American community and ensuring that they move towards a brighter future. In order to accomplish this feat, Adam Milstein helped connect those within the organization with a variety of Jewish leaders from many different backgrounds. This collection of differing views allowed the event to promote a greater diversity of opinions on how the Jewish people should move forward.

Although the Israeli-American Council was able to accomplish a considerable amount during the three day long event, it is worth noting that this was not the first time such an event was held. In fact, the Israeli-American Council has been conducting similar events since 2014, when they first collected different leaders and brought them together. Each successive year of the event, the number of attendants has grown significantly, almost doubling in size each time.

As for the reason for the growth, a large portion of the success seems to stem from the way in which the event has been designed. Adam Milstein intended for the event to be a promotional opportunity for organization leaders, so that they could better coordinate with one another. Since the event has proven successful in this capacity, and has also helped to bridge the gap between different groups, it has seen its popularity increase significantly.

With the Israeli-American Council adding several new regional offices across the country, and continuing to expand its personnel and resources, it is clear that events like these will continue to have considerable success. With Adam Milstein at the helm, the Israeli-American Council appears to show no signs of slowing down.


Keith Mann: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Keith Mann is an expert in finding the right person for the job. His expertise is in staffing for investment firms and he works with clients around the world. Previously a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search where he recruited for global financial services firms, Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners, a premier executive search firm specializing in alternative investment firms, in 2009.


Keith Mann and his wife, Keely, are also involved in several charitable ventures. In 2015 to boost the morale of Police Officers during a period of negative press, the Manns sent lunch to New York’s 54th Precinct as a gesture of thanks for the good work they do. They repeated the gesture in February of that year. Keely’s Uncle is a detective in Staten Island, so they feel a connection to the force, saying that the criticism sometimes aimed at the police “falls close to home.”


In 2013, the Manns started to work with Uncommon Schools in New York and, in 2015, raised over $22,000.00 to sponsor testing for the new school. This was in addition to the $10,000.00 already donated by Dynamics Search Partners. According to Keith Mann, the goal of the Uncommon School is “to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low-income students to graduate from college” He is involved with the school, from touring the facilities and observing the programming, to sitting in on classes and meetings with Seniors. As he explains:””We support this mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.”

The History and Current ventures of Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur has been with the Swiss Private Banking business for almost 20 years, and has made his way in the industry by being a commercial apprentice for an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. Then in 2004, when Baur was 39 years old, he began his journey as an entrepreneurial journey as he founded, along with two partners, the Swiss Start up Factory, which came to be the number 1 privately and independent financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator within Switzerland. Mike has invested a lot of time for the Swiss youth entrepreneurship, as well as the various Swiss Startups that he supports both as a mentor and financially. He has also been the director and co-founder for the Swiss Startup Association. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Rochester New York and also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


The Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014, as it was driven by ambitions for creating global companies that has disrupted the products, prevailing norms and business models. The core of the business is a program that runs over three month’s, which provides information for the early stages of startups, this including services, financing, mentoring, coaching and office space, and the access for investor networks and large entrepreneurial services. Some of the things that are provided specifically through the office space, some of the specific things that come with an office space is co-working desks, fitness center and changing room, super powerful meeting rooms, nespresso bar, welcome area, lunch and kitchen space, video studio, free WiFi, and post and mailbox. Prices for office spaces also vary by what type of office space is needed, for a working space, which is just half a table is 390 dollars a month, a working desk, which is a full desk is 590 dollars a month, and a small office which is 17 square meters is 1250 dollars a month. 360 services offer individual services that help in getting ideas off the ground, this program is a complete a to z accelerator program that brings a startup and their product to the market, and provides an in-depth customized service package, for helping in maturing startups to grow. This service provides a pre-accelerator, accelerator, a growth accelerator, as well as a co-working space, free legal advice for startups that are just getting started and accounting services who take care of bookkeeping, this giving the client time to focus on improving their product.


Could Your Shampoo Be The Real Reason For Your Dry Hair?

Many of us, especially during the cold winter months, experience hair that is dry, frizzy and uncooperative. Some of us even experience dry scalps which flake in the form of embarrassing dandruff that collects on our shoulders. We look to drug store deep conditioners to solve this problem, but our hair just doesn’t seem to want to retain moisture.

The reason that your hair doesn’t seem to respond to intensive conditioning could be because of the shampoo you are using. Despite all your best efforts to moisturize and condition your hair routinely, if your shampoo has ingredients which are proven to dry out and damage your hair, you are regularly counteracting all the benefits of deep conditioning.

Typical drug store shampoos contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which is known to be an aggressive detergent that is tremendously harmful to your hair. This detergent bonds grease and dirt so that these impurities may be easily rinsed out, but this process does more harm than good by also stripping hair of natural oils that keep your hair soft and silky.

With many woman washing their hair daily with these harmful shampoos, it’s no wonder that dry hair is among women’s top beauty complaints. To avoid dry and damaged hair, it is essential to find a shampoo which is free of sodium lauryl sulfate. There are some shampoos currently on the market which will effectively clean your hair without this damaging chemical.

One example of a hair cleanser which is free of sodium lauryl sulfate is WEN Hair 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. Not quite a shampoo, this cleansing conditioner simultaneously cleans and deeply conditions your hair with completely natural ingredients. WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner uses organic botanical extracts and natural moisturizers like vegetable glycerin, leaving hair soft, silky and healthy.

WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean will undo years of damage caused by drying and damaging shampoos. This product need only be applied once a week for hair that is moisturized and shiny, even during the coldest, driest months of the year.

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The Lovaganza Foundation Brings The World Closer Together

The Lovaganza foundation has spent a large amount of time in recent years preparing to bring entertainment to the world and develop a more peaceful way of living with a greater understanding of the different cultures found across the planet. Lovaganza will explore the different cultures of the Earth in the movies and animated series they will produce in the buildup to the 2020 global event that will allow every person the opportunity to explore every culture through a series of interactive exhibits.

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“Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “”The Marvelous 12,”” at Historic Abbey Road Studios”

Lovaganza has been looking back to an earlier time in the entertainment industry for inspiration used for “The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy of movies that will hit the big screen prior to 2020; however, the entertainment specialists headed by filmmakers J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon also understand the use of technology plays a major role in furthering their aims of improving the quality of life for people around the world by the middle of the 21st century. The latest technology has been developed specifically for the Lovaganza foundation to make sure the touring show that will bring the work of the group to the people of the world in an unforgettable way. A new screening experience will be used as the central point for Lovaganza as the group takes its entertainment around the world as part of the 2020 global event; the “Immerscope” screening process provides a wraparound cinema experience that allows each person to explore 3D images without the need for bulky and uncomfortable glasses.

“The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy will be exhibited at the traveling show and 2020 global event as it hopes to bring a sense of traditional movie making and moral values back to the screen. Understanding and exploring every culture in the world will form the basis of the message provided by the entertainment options created by Lovaganza that will be viewed by the people of the world in traditional theaters and as part of Lovaganza events. Pavilions will also be constructed during the 2020 global event and traveling show that will include live performers and interactive exhibits that will allow visitors to pass through the different continents of the world and explore different cultures from every corner of the planet.

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Ricardo Tosto named as a Legend in Law

According to recent reports on a Latin Lawyers website, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been heralded as one of the prominent strategists and leaders in the Brazilian legal practice. This is a great honor given that he is a lawyer who started from the ground up. He started his practice in a humble and small law firm before becoming one of the most experienced and practiced corporate litigation lawyers in Latin America. It is also safe to note that his law firm is currently among the biggest in Brazil.



Ricardo Tosto’s career has over the years garnered a lot of attention and coverage due to his clients who are big players as well appearing in cases against other prominent lawyers. Ricardo not only worked on these high profile cases but also won them. He has in the course of his career been involved in the designing and implementing of a number of legal tools that are being practiced or utilized by the Brazilian legal community. Apart from litigation, Ricardo has also held other roles including being the President of the Judiciary Reform Committee of OAB, Member of International Bar Association (IBA) among others.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a prolific lawyer who has served in the Brazilian legal field for over 15 years and is a member of IBA. He has written a lot of articles that have appeared in a number of newspapers and journals focusing on the Brazilian legal framework system. He is also a renowned mentor and speaker having preside over quite a number of big seminars. He has mentored his present partners who started off as interns in the firm.

In addition, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho has a huge track record having worked as a corporate lawyer for about 15 years. He has excelled in various areas that include bankruptcy, drafting agreements for banks and credit recovery. He is also proficient in the field of electoral and international laws, and has invested a lot in this service. In his law firm, Ricardo oversees the cases that are important and ongoing personally. He offers strategies that are innovative as well as specific leadership whenever any special problems crop up.