Town Residential Opens New Offices

Town Residential is among the fastest growing real estate companies that are based in New York City. The company was founded three years ago, and it has been very successful. Just recently, the residential brokerage company announced that it would be opening a new office in the meatpacking district. According to the report from the company, the new office is expected to bring easy access to a crucial swath of the residential neighborhoods that are located in Hudson. The introduction of the new office will be beneficial to the residents.

Andrew Heiberger, the founder of Town Residential, says that the brokers in the city will be able to take their customers around the High Line to any appointments. At the moment, Andrew serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and he has played a huge role in the success of the institution. Andrew says that the new office is located just a few steps from the high story park, and clients in the region will benefit from the services that will be provided.

Town Residential decided to lease the whole second flow in 446W in 14th Street, and the contract is expected to last at least fifteen years. The new 7100 space has sixteen-foot ceilings, and its occupants will have access to the private roof deck that is on top of the respectable three story building. The building exemplifies the flair the CEO has been explaining for some time. The new office is designed to appeal the brokers who will be coming for services.

Town Residential has been on the market long enough to understand the importance of outdoor space to the brokers who have to work hard and meet the needs of the clients. The new space that has been leased from one of the best and modern buildings, and it differentiates the company from its competitors in the city,

Mr. Heiberger also announced that one of the boutique brokerage firms, known as Thomas& Ingram would be joining Town Residential Company. The new company will also be moving into the meat packing district branch, according to the report. The boutique brokerage company focuses primarily on sales at the West Village.

Heiberger is also expected to move to one of the smaller offices of the company that currently operates at the 45 Horatio in West Village.

Town Residential has been in the spotlight for some time, thanks to the financial effects of the Brexit. Many investors are currently choosing to invest in the United States, because the country is considered to be a haven, especially during harsh economic climates. Investors are investing in the New York City real estate because it is one of the most promising areas. These investors are sure that no matter what happens in the economy, their investments will be safe.

How Did Eric Pulier Advance Enterprise Technology On His Own?

Eric Pulier was one of the first to come out with enterprise technology in the 90s. He wanted to give businesses a way to connect in a time that was before the smartphone, and we still use this kind of technology to this day. We know that we have had a lot of things to do that could have only been done because we all had our phones connected to email and calendars, and we were glad to start using it as soon as it came out. We have been working with Eric Pulier since then, and we are very happy to use what he offers.

The enterprise technology is something that allows us to offer company phones to all your employees when they come on the staff. They get an app that works with their enterprise accounts, and we can send them information at any time. We can send information directly to the phone to make it ring a notification on the spot, and we can help people who are new by sending them information they need when they are in the field. Everyone who is using this kind of service should make sure that they are informed as they work.

We have been very invested in helping our employees, and that is why we want to keep using enterprise technology to help. We have been updating with Eric Pulier as he goes, and we have been on the cutting edge of this technology just like he has. We use everything that he has to offer, and we make sure that we implement it instantly. We do not want to waste time in the field, and that is why we are using this software over all others. We have been very efficient as a business just because of Eric Pulier’s help.

Eric Pulier @Facebook: Eric.Pulier

An Advocate For Education

Alexei Beltyukov is no stranger to education. He himself started his career in medicine before tackling the business world. He has had many successful business adventures. One of his latest business adventure is the creation of an interactive math software designed for both educators and students.

Alexei Beltyukov understands that math is a weakness for many students, especially those students in the United States. His goal is to make this interactive software will be found in every household that has a high school student.

What students will find when they go to is a homework space in which educators have created for a certain set of parameters. This is not another site in which students will answer a bunch of multiple choice questions.

Instead, students will be required to input actual answers and will need to show their though process. Alexei Beltyukov believes that progressive thinking is what is important and by allowing students to make mistakes and then learn from these mistakes will better prepare them for the future.

Beltyukov hopes that SOLVY will be the educational tool that teachers will use to help to understand and manage their students. Educators will be able to offer feedback outside of the walls of the classroom as well as monitor progress within the class. SOLVY can also interact with the students. It can offer hunts and feedback which is something a simple online math textbook cannot do.

SOLVY is what students need, according to a Daily Motion video, to gain that academic edge that is needed across this country. Teachers can see first hand where students are struggling and can adjust their curriculum to reflect the needs of the student. This will help students to become more competent in the area of math, which will make them more competitive as well.

The Business of Basketball; Bruce Levenson and the NBA

The news that defined the last season of NBA league was the sale of Atlanta Hawks. The news caught the attention of many because the sale was one of the most historic for an NBA team, and also because the man at the helm is renowned businessman, Bruce Levenson.

While it is true that the sale of the team went well, there are people who feel that the sale could have been better by at least 27 percent. The bankers hired did a less than average job with the prediction whereby they claimed the company could sell for $1 billion but in reality, it sold at $730 million. However according to ESPN, compared to the cost at which he had bought the team, it is safe to say that he still made a significant gain.

There is an argument that has been put forward that the selling price was much lower than expected because of the prediction. The proponents of this claim say that even if the company wouldn’t have made the billion, it was worth at least $150 million more than the selling price. However, the circumstances that surround the sale make the cost okay.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson realized that he had business acumen when he was in college. Together with a friend of his, Ed Peskowitz, they started their first company and named it UCG in 1977. They started with limited resources and had to run the business out of their dorm room. Four decades later, Bruce is a multi-billionaire.

When Bruce is not closing high-end deals, he is always busy doing some charity. For instance, he is one of the founders of the holocaust museum, a charity that helps Jews stay aware of their past. He is a member of the Jewish Federation and the Hoop dreams foundation. His dream is to transform the world through exemplary business leadership and humanitarianism.


Laidlaw & Company – Boutique Investment In Health Care

Laidlaw & Company LTD may not be a household name in investment advice, investment banking, and finance but the “boutique” investment company headed by Chief Executive Officer Matthew Eitner and Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets James P. Ahern is well known to institutional and private investors with deep pockets. The company boasts a 170 history of investment management, investment banking, and solid growth for their clients.

The primary focus of Laidlaw & Company LTD is primarily health care, wealth management, and alternative investments. The company is structured in a way that makes each division a separate entity that functions much like a separate company.

The design allows more fluidity in strategy and also produces protection from the fluctuations in each division harming other parts of the organization and their client’s holdings.

The emphasis on health care includes new and advanced technologies, therapeutics, and emerging treatments that are based on genetics. The Affordable Care Act has made medicine a more lucrative investment target and Laidlaw & Company has taken full advantage of the government incentives that spur new discoveries that quickly turn profitable.

Alternative investments at Laidlaw & Company mean emerging technologies including new methods of airline booking, social media alternatives, sports marketing, and internet marketing. The more than $200 million invested in 13 new ventures since 2010 are expected to begin showing larger returns in the near future.

Laidlaw & Company LTD originated in Britain and is now an established firm in New York City. The firm is licensed to manage assets for investors in the United States and Britain.

Calculated risk in health care and technology has thus far produced a healthy return on investment for the clients of Laidlaw & Company.

Eric Pulier’s Career as an Author and Business Leader

Eric Pulier is well known for the book he’s written and his success as a corporate leader in technology sector. Pulier currently resides in Los Angeles, and this is where he has done much of his work in the high tech sector. He created People Doing Things, and this company offered high tech solutions to tackle issues that are faced by the education and healthcare sectors. While this was his first company, it certainly wasn’t his last. His most famous company was founded later. This company was formerly known as Digital Evolution, and it is a widely known provider of software to companies. After a merger, it is now part of US Interactive LLC, but the contributions of Eric Pulier have remained important to the company. These are two of his best known corporate endeavors, but there are many more. In fact, his first successful business endeavor was launched while he was in high school.

He also is an author of Understanding Enterprise SOA: Service Oriented Architecture. Readers have reviewed the book well on Amazon and other websites where book reviews are posted.

In addition to his success with for profit businesses, he has done a lot of work in the public sector and with non-profit organizations. He has provided advice on technology to leaders in government. He continues to do a lot of work with the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier was one of the main founders of Starbright World. This organization helps to unite children affected by diseases. He has donated large sums of money to a number of philanthropic organizations, and he’s on the board of the X-Prize Foundation.

[email protected]

Reputation Management Fixers Will Repair Your SEO

Reputation Management Fixers(RMF) is on a mission to use its expertise to increase client’s search engine rankings. If you want your name or company name to rank for a specific keyword in your industry RMF can do that for you. It knows that many people are even having trouble ranking for their own name. Reputation Management Fixers services can help with this.

RMF is in possession of vast resources and it is very experienced in making links disappear from page 1 of she search engine. It will feel like magic when you type your name into google and the negative results you were used to seeing are no longer there. This skill of learning how to push down negative search results can also be used for pure SEO purposes. RMF has special tactics that can help you get to page 1 for your name or desired keywords and it wants to share a few of them with the world.

Reputation Management Fixer’s first tip is to engage in linking within your site. You may already know already know this one if you have some experience but it is also easy to forget. Sometimes you may just feel excited to publish your posts and so, you neglect it. Link to your headlines and keywords.

Minimize page loading speed. It is important that your page come up quickly because people have short attention spans. A slow loading page can penalize your SEO score. One way to to do this is to optimize your video and image files. If you aren’t sure how fast your pages load use a site speed tool for testing purposes.

Add new content to your site on a regular basis. When you update the existing content regularly people will return to see what updates you have produced.

This will enhance the viewing experience and keep people on your site longer and that will make raise your rankings.

Implement some of these tips for Reputation Management Fixer’s today to rank for your name and keywords and when you are ready to dominate page 1 RMF will be here waiting.

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George Soros Is Trying To Reshape The American Justice System

The American political system is a complex affair, which is mostly misunderstood by the general public. Accordingly, the only focus of majority of Americans is the presidential campaign on Perhaps, it is also the reason why local elections including that of the district council do not generate interest. However, political students understand that local elections play an instrumental part in dictating the future of lawmaking in America.

It is also the primary reason why the Billionaire George Soros is actively supporting minority candidates in the local elections in Seven States. If the trend continues, George Soros is sure that it will be an important step in reshaping the entire justice system of the country. His belief in a fair system has forced George Soros to donate nearly $3 Million in funds to the district-attorney campaigns on Bloomberg in six states over the past year. In comparison, the donation exceeds the total amount donated in the 2016 presidential campaign by the super-donors, combined.

George Santos has traditionally supported Democratic Party due to its favorable policies towards the minority groups in America. By helping minorities win the local district attorney elections, he is trying to reshape the justice system, which will help to reduce racial disparities and help build programs which favor rehabilitation instead of the punishment. Once elected, local prosecutors on Time can force the government to make changes.  Eventually, many of these lawmakers end up in the Federal Justice System where laws are made that mostly favors majority groups.

Despite the fact that George Soros himself belongs to the majority group, he has invested heavily in local campaigns that includes candidates from Hispanic and African American background. The funding in six different States will help minorities raise their voice. For instance, George Soros donated nearly $1.4 Million to the local elections in the Metro Orlando. His favored candidate Aramis Ayala is running against a powerful incumbent Jeff Ashton. Electing Aramis will likely make a difference as local prosecutor will be in charge of the criminal proceedings originating from $1.6 Million population of the two counties in Metro Orlando.

Campaign by George Soros seems practical considering that a recent research report commissioned by the Carter Group indicated that elected positions for the local district offices are held by Whites, which constitute 95 percent of the elected posts. Even more striking is a revelation by Wake Forest University that 85 of the district attorneys are elected without any opposition. Since these important lawmaking positions serve as the main source for Federal justice system, it seems important to introduce minorities in the equation.

Eric Pulier Succesful Track in Business and Philanthropy

The LA based entrepreneur, technologist and philanthropist Eric Pulier is the founder of more than 15 companies and start-up ventures spanning various sectors, including venture financing, information technology, community service and media. According to, the entities Eric has Founded or Co-Founder include; ServiceMesh, Akana, Digital Evolution, Desktone and US Interactive. The entrepreneur has also invested heavily in venture capitals such as Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital.

His brief in the government circle involved creating various exhibits to showcase the benefits that technology will portend in the near future. In terms of education, Eric graduated with a BA from Harvard University. His collegiate majors included; Environmental Studies, Computer Science and American Literature and English. Erick’s long drawn philanthropic efforts are mostly trained on using technology to uplift the well-being of the community. He has previously helped develop multimedia educational programs targeting people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and dug deeper into exploring the benefits of computers in education.

Pulier is also a great financial supporter of ACE and XPRIZE Foundations. The ACE Foundation uses software solutions to overcome challenges faced by the human society. Some of the projects the foundation is undertaking include development of a HIPPA conforming data analysis and registration system as well as a community focused management and micro-transaction system to enhance water distribution. XPRIZE Foundation, on the other hand, is a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes technological challenges and competition. Eric is also a distinguished public speaker and author of several blue prints of action and publications.

His most notable works include; The Enterprise Industrial Complex published by Forbes in 2012 and Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was co-written by Hugh Taylor.  According to, Eric continues to make appearances in various international conferences as a distinguished authority in technological matters. Following his highly decorated achievements, which have seen him turn small ideas into successful startups, VAR Business has named him in its elite list of 30 e-Visionaries.

Professional Network:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leads in the Diagnose and Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Through extensive studies, medical practitioners are becoming more knowledgeable about the harmful effects of sleep apnea. A recent study has revealed how sleep apnea and chronic conditions such as stroke, diabetes, and heart diseases correlate. Surfacing of these health conditions prompts medical professionals to conduct further studies to find treatment for sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an experienced medical practitioner in treating sleep apnea and works to find its cure.

In partnership with other medical professionals, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is committed to helping diagnose and support sleep disorder patients. Studies indicate that almost 90% of people suffering from sleep apnea remains undiagnosed. Recognizing that sleep apnea is a condition that comes along with chronic diseases, Dr. Avi Weisfogel leads his team at Dental Sleep Masters to find the cure for the condition. They have created a new model that incorporates certified sleep physicians and sleep laboratories.

Sleep physicians will work in collaboration with care doctors and dentists to support patients with the sleep disorder. Weisfogel believes that treatment of sleep apnea will increase in the future as more breakthroughs emerge. In the future, dentists will devote a significant portion of their practice attending to sleep apnea patients. Furthermore, new advanced devices are being developed as technology evolves. For example, Im Thera Medical has developed THN Sleep Therapy, the latest device with the ability conduct different experiments on sleep disorder. Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s model integrates dental and medical professionals to find solutions to the sleep disorder. He believes that by treating the previously undiagnosed people, the health sector will thrive while providing essential services to the public.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

His career journey began after founding Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. For over 15 years working at Old Bridge Dental Care, Weisfogel earned accolades from the community and was named the best dentists for several years. During this time, he could explore how dentists and physicians can partner to find treatment for the sleep disorder. As a result, Dr. Avi Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Master to aid dentist in treating sleep disorder using oral appliances.