Sanjay Shaw Gives Back To the Autism Community

This past April In Dubai, of all places, groups of concerned people and their close friends celebrated Autism Awareness Month. The celebrating was done around a music festival aptly named the Autism Rocks Festival. The Festival featured American Rap Artists Flo Rida and Tyga performing a live concert that had two goals; one was to help raise awareness of this devastating condition and the second was to help raise money for autism research that would be used exclusively for finding the causes of autism and to hopefully help develop a cure for the condition.

The Autism Rocks Festival in Dubai was the brainchild of the Dubai-based couple Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark. They are the parents of an autistic child whose name is Nikhil. Prior to their child being born with this condition neither Usha nor Sanjay had any idea what autism was and the effects that it had on a family. Of course, all of that has changed dramatically since their son’s birth.

Sanjay founded Autism Rocks as an organization to help raise awareness for the condition and to help raise money for more research. He got the idea for using big musical stars and concerts as a vehicle to raise money for autism research while having a luncheon with the Rapper Snoop Dog. He and Snoop were having a meeting to lay out plans to raise money for Snoop’s shows when the idea hit Sanjay. The First Autism Rocks show was an invitation-only affair held in 2014 and featured the musical legend Prince.

Sanjay Shaw, the businessman has a controlling interest in the company is Solo Group Holdings which also controls Solo Capital Markets an international boutique financial services company. They are headquartered in London, England and regulated in the United Kingdom. Solo Capital Markets is also referred to as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. Their investment specialties are in proprietary trading, specialty consulting services, and professional sports investments. In 2015 Solo Capital Partners had a net worth of £15.45 million. They had assets estimated at £67.45 and a positive cash flow of £30.26 million.

Sanjay, however, did not start in business in the investment industry. He initially studied medicine but changed his mind about making it his full-time career and switched his focus to the field of accounting. He worked as an accountant for a number of investment banks including Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley before starting his own brokerage firm Solo Capital.

Avi Weisfogel Expands His Role As Dentist With Charity Work And Art

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has had a long career in dentistry, and is a leading expert in sleep research. Though he keeps a busy schedule serving patients, he is compelled to follow personal interests that include charity work and supporting the arts.

One of Weisfogel’s favorite and most recognizable charity efforts is a huge GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization started by Dr. William Magee in 1982. It helps match surgeons and dentists with needy patients worldwide. Serving mostly young children and teens with deformities like cleft palates and other facial problems, the organization has brought medical and dental professionals from eighty countries to children in over sixty countries. With the help of philanthropists like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Operation Smile has performed a quarter of a million needed free procedures.

Weisfogel is also an avid contributor to popular social media platforms. His Tumblr blog is dedicated to informing the general public about advances in his field. This includes his tireless work in the realm of sleep studies aimed at treating conditions like sleep apnea. Avi manages a network of dentists and scientists from headquarters in South Orange, NJ. Dental Sleep Masters provides patients with oral applicators that help them achieve better health, and is a trophy business model for other professionals who are looking for ways to begin philanthropic efforts connected to their chosen expertise.

The world of music is another way Dr. Weisfogel connects with people. He is an amateur composer and collector of funny, artsy, and fascinating videos.

Evaluating Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Career Success

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer or Duda as he prefers to be called, is one of the most successful Brazilian corporate executives. This is one man whose passion is managing people. By virtue of being the chief executive officer of RBS Group, the impacts of the decisions that he makes are felt within and beyond South America. Duda Melzer is credited with helping redefine the conglomerate’s history. Since he ascended to the helm, he has laid down strategies that have mainly focused on growth.

Duda has also played a significant role in nurturing upcoming corporate executives. He has had the opportunity to be a panelist on “You With The President. This is a mentorship program that brings together high-ranking corporate executives from different sectors of the economy. It acts as a platform where ideas can be shared. Duda’s presentation on the talk show had rave reviews because it provided deep insights into corporate governance. His well-researched presentation was titled “Commitment to Growth”.

The Way Forward for RBS

As the president and chief executive officer of RBS Gropu, Duda is tasked with the mandate of laying down strategies that will ward off competition from business rivals. One year into his appointment, he has performed incredible.

Being a young corporate executive, he believes in having passionate employees within an organization. This can only be achieved if individuals who are at the top lead by example. At RBS, Duda has been leading by example. The success that the company has had during his time at the helm is wholly attributed to a culture of passion that he has helped cultivate. Duda oversees the firm’s day to day setups. The 56-year old conglomerate employs more than 6,500 employees in different capacities.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group


Michael Zomber: Grace In The Face Of Adversity

Michael Zomber is an American antique weapons collector, author and documentary filmmaker. In 2003 he was wrongly accused and convicted of mail fraud and was sentenced to 30 months in jail. The separation from his wife and two young children was difficult.  He tutored many inmates to pass their high school equivalency tests, wrote legal documents, and authored 7 novels and nonfiction books, all of which available on Amazon.

In 2008, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his conviction and demanded a new trial. Then in July of 2009, Zomber was exonerated.

He is well known for his fascination with Japanese samurai swords and samurai culture. One of the books he wrote while in prison was the novel, “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan”.

Zomber also started a film company, Renascent Films, with his wife, Andrea. Together they produced “Soul of the Samurai”, a documentary that won critical acclaim. Zomber has also appeared as a guest historian on the History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun” series.

Despite his interest in antique weaponry, Zomber supports several non-profit organizations that are dedicated to promoting peace, such as UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Doctors Without Borders.

Today Zomber lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA according to Facebook, with his wife and two children, Gabriella and Christopher.

Tips For Dealing With Customer Complaints

If you are a business owner or organization manager, it is important to know how to handle customer complaints. It is important that your team or employees have a good understanding of how to address customer complaints appropriately.

Video of WSM:

Customer complaints will always occur, no matter the type of business you operate. Some business owners and managers do not get prepared or have a system in place for addressing these matters. It is a good idea to expect them to occur and have an effective way to resolve such issues.

White Shark Media has had its share of customer complains many years ago when it first began providing services. Like any new business, the company was not prepared to deal with such matters but when it experienced irate clients and customers it took steps to resolve the issues promptly.

When a customer first lodges a complaint, it is advisable take a step back and evaluate things. It can be difficult to remain impassive when faced with criticism, but you need to avoid emotional response as it will only make matters wore and irritate the customer further.

Pay close attention to the customer and find out the full details of the problem before responding. White Shark Media Complaints team advises their professionals t put themselves in the customer’s shoes to understand what the person is going through. Appearing disinterested, or trying to argue back, is not the way to resolve an issues effectively.

As a reputable provider of advertising solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, White Shark Media made it a top priority to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This highly regarded company has a system in place that staff members use to respond to complaints and get the situation under control.

White Shark Media has been providing superior services to clients who need top notch advertising solutions. This company has a team of well-trained and knowledgeable PPC and marketing specialists. These professionals have great expertise in Adwords PPC management and help clients set up and run profitable campaigns and generate huge revenues for their business.

White Shark Media can help you succeed with your marketing and promotional efforts and will even show you step by step, how to set up and manage your campaigns effectively.

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The Founding of Autism Rocks

Solo Capital is an investment firm that is currently based in London, a perfect place for international investment pursuers. Solo Capital was founded in 2011 by Sanjay Shah Denmark, an investment expert and a family man. The foundation of this investment firm is a result of the 2008 financial crisis when Mr. Shah lost his job from an investment firm. Though he and his family were devastated, this event taught him the true meaning of success. Though he has lost his job, Sanjay Shah was able to pull himself up and start a new investment firm which specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses.

The business choice to specialize in helping smaller businesses was for the purpose of forming a relationship with the clients of the firm. This business model has gained Solo Capital countless loyal clients who have trusted Sanjay Shah and his team with financial advice for the future. As a professional consultant, Sanjay Shah emphasizes investments that provide a high rate of return with a small risk factor. As a businessman, Sanjay Shah continues to speculate about future investments and has found that some of the largest rate of return investments come from technological investments and investments in renewable energy. At Solo Capital, Mr. Shah and his team offer unique solutions that are tailored to each and every customer around the world.

Though he is a businessman and a business owner, Sanjay Shah has always put his family above all else. In 2011, as his business was taking off, his young son was diagnosed with autism. Autism is a development disorder that is diagnosed to one in 68 children around the world on an annual basis. Though this disorder is not rare, not much is known of autism. With this in mind, Sanjay Shah created Autism Rocks, a foundation that is dedicated to furthering the research of autism.

As autism is most commonly diagnosed among boys and can lead to expensive medical bills, Sanjay Shah uses this foundation as a way to fund research to learn more about autism. The finding from this research will not only help Mr. Shah and his family, but will also benefit other families with autistic children.


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Starting your own company can be a very challenging and stressful thing to undergo. It takes a lot of time and financial resources. It takes a certain kind of drive. Once you are in, you are in.

I know it sounds challenging, but Mike Baur is here to help. He is here to help make this time a little less stressful.

If you know what to expect going into this, then time won’t be so cruel to you. You will know the time frames and the financial resources you need to acquire. You will also know what to do so you don’t become too overwhelmed.”

–Mike Baur

This was a response Mike Baur gave in once of his public speaking engagements for business men and other executives. He spoke about a lot of things. He also gave some very helpful opinions and advice when it came to starting a company. Below there is a list of some of the things Mike Baur talked about.

1) Don’t expect this to be a normal working shift. You are going to be accountable for so much. You will have so much to oversee. This is not a job where you can punch out at the end of the day. It’s like being a doctor who is on-call all the time.

It’s best to know this going in. It’s also best to inform your family and friends of this going in. They won’t be seeing you as much. This requires a lot of patience and understanding from their end and yours. Think long an hard about this. Starting your own company requires a complete shift and change in your life, for better or worse.

2) Since you might not have the money right away to hire a finance guy, you might want to settle on someone from your own staff.
This guys needs to be good with numbers and completely on board with what you are doing. This can be a guy you previously worked with at another job. This can be a guy that someone has recommended to you.

As things progress and moves forward, then you can think about reducing the pressuring of your staff. You can think about hiring a finance guy. This has to be some kind of long-term goal.

I hope that some of Mike’s advice helps out. If you are looking for some more tips, or you are simply looking to get in touch with him, than you can find him on his own web page.

Pirated Nutrimost Advertisement Leads to Lawsuit Between Rival Weight Loss Companies

Weight loss company Healthy Living is facing a lawsuit after rival diet company Nutrimost claimed their promotional video was stolen and used by Healthy Living. Not only did the company swipe the advertising content from the video they also stole testimonials from Nutrimost and claimed the customers were applauding the Healthy Living Plan. Transcripts submitted with the filing showed both companies using the same description and even identical content regarding why the diets are effective.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost discovered the copied video on a website owned by Healthy Living in September of last year and submitted a cease and desist letter that was all but ignored. According to the lawsuit, rather than remove the stolen video Healthy living chose only to edit it and shorten the length of the content.

Nutrimost is a thriving business thanks to its effective system that helps dieters to lose up to 40 pounds in just 40 days. The program is notable because it does not include any drugs, prepackaged meals or surgery. The plan promises participants they can lose the desired weight without even feeling any hunger or relying on exercise. The plan is custom-designed for every dieter through an innovative test that determines the needs of each body.

New reports are noting that many of the testimonials from happy customers are coming from medical doctors who have used the program for themselves and with amazing results. In addition to losing weight customers are bragging about their improved health including less pain, lower blood pressure and improvement in blood sugar levels. Some have even had their skin problems like psoriasis disappear. The assessments help people to know what their BMI is and how much weight they should lose. It also alerts people to the foods their bodies are sensitive to and helps them avoid those that may sabotage their diet goals.

For The Love of Dark Skin: Use Makari Skin Creams

 Makari is a beauty line that is devoted exclusively to the care, nourishment and lightening of dark skin. Their clientele is nearly all African or east Indian women.

Makari skin care products contain natural skin lightening ingredients which hydrate and nourish skin. Natural antioxidants lighten skin without harsh chemicals leaving skin lightened, exfoliated and nourished. Clients love the luxury of the products and the way it feels on skin.

Makari, whose name is Swahili for “beautiful” was the brainchild of over ten years of Swiss skincare research. Realizing the need for skin care, hair care and cosmetics for dark skinned women, Makari set out to make luxury skin care for that demographic. Avoiding harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, Makari sought to nature for skin lightening and nourishing ingredients. Swiss researchers have used pumpkin seed oil, carrot extract and argan oil to provide a basis for these wonderful products that enrich and lighten, and even out skin tone.

Makari is the only luxury skin care company for dark women. In addition to skin lightening serums, toners, lotions and creams, Makari’s skin care products provide ultra hydration, exfoliation, acne scar reduction and sheer radiance. To find this level of quality with all natural ingredients for colored skin is truly a dream come true for millions of women. Makari is currently at work adapting skin care for men and babies of color.

Where so many products are geared to changing complexions and lighter skins, Makari has found a much needed niche for not only skincare, but hair care and cosmetics for dark tones. This is truly a first in skin care for dark women to have skin lightening products that are effective and gentle. Women are thrilled with the look of their skin and its health, radiance and natural glow.

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