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The three of us have been having a great time making these pretty spiders, they look fabulous lurking on a shelf or mantlepiece, or clipped to your bath chain! We can’t claim that they’ll scare real spiders away, but they are so pretty that maybe the real ones will be too embarrassed to come out… From just six pounds 😱


Had a lovely morning down in Roath at the craft and farmers’ market, sold lots of pretty things, gave loads of nice cakes away, caught up with a lovely friend that I’d lost touch with, spent some time with my mum and drank lots of tea. Job’s a goodun.


Made of Wales

My first working day of being self employed and I’ve been taking a long, hard look at what I’ve sold most of so far on eBay and Etsy. Despite my love of funky silver statement pieces, the things that sell best are the “Made in Wales: Made FROM Wales” pieces. The slate domino pendants and earrings and the square bead bracelets in particular have been literally flying out of the shed! Often with a little added engraved personalisation, names and personal messages, these pieces are very special to the folk who buy and wear them.

I have drawn up some more designs for pieces using little square slate tiles, so watch this space! I feel a choker coming on…


Excellent Expo


I met some lovely ladies at the Expo today, and even sold some jewellery :-) The free cake was a big hit with the visitors, so poor Scroticule didn’t get much in the way of leftovers.


I was quite pleased with how the stand looked, but had some very helpful tips from one of the ladies who suggested that it wasn’t immediately obvious that we design and make our jewellery ourselves. So Beardy is going to take some artistic (artistic being black and white, obviously. Hides a multitude of sins!) photographs of us getting busy in the shed which we can use on some publicity material.


Women’s Expo at the University of Glamorgan

Well, the car is loaded with our shop and just enough petrol to get to Treforest, I’m working my way through a pint of tea and gathering the last minute bits and pieces together. Really looking forward to the Expo, hopefully we’ll make some sales, but more importantly I hope we’ll meet some like-minded designer-makers!

If you’re in the Pontypridd area today, why not pop into the Student Union at the University of Glamorgan and come and say hello? And raid the cake stand ;-)



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