Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Creates A Cosmetics Brand In Her Own Image

It is rare that the founder of a cosmetics brand is found to be a major part of the marketing for the company they created, but for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere the company and the range of cosmetics she has created form a major art of her own beauty routine. Doe Deere has always had a style of her own and values the unique nature of her own style and that of her followers over the traditional idea of what does and does not look good for herself and her many followers.

For Doe Deere the traditional rules of fashion mean little as she sets out to feel comfortable in her own skin; Deere has given a number of interviews about the cosmetics she has created and her own sense of style, which she states is often reminiscent of fairy tale styles mixed with the patterns and fabrics she feels look good together. Doe Deere initially formed Lime Crime in a bid to create a clothing line based upon her own sense of style that brings together popular culture influences along with an essence of her own life story taking in New York and Russia.

Over the course of her career as the head of Lime Crime Doe Deere has looked to develop her own public persona based upon her love of mythical creatures, which sees her known as the “Queen of the Unicorns”. The company takes on much of the image of Doe Deere, including the bold makeup choices that brought her to create her own cosmetics line when she could not find makeup for herself or the models she was using in her marketing campaigns. The need to be individual and unique is something Doe Deere celebrates in her own life and in the brand she has created; Deere has spent much of her time enjoying the unique looks created by her customers and uploaded to social media before being used as marketing materials by Doe Deere and the experts at her brand.

Makari de Suisse: The Best Skin Whitening Supplier In The World

Makari de Suisse is a major producer of all-natural beauty products. Makari has its headquarters in Switzerland, and is dedicated to giving their customers the highest quality skin care products in the world.

In case you were wondering, “makari” means “beautiful” in the Swahili language. The founders of this company chose that name because they wanted to highlight the fact that Makari is the best multicultural beauty manufacturer in the world. Makari has only used natural ingredients in all of its products for the 10 years it has been in business. Makari accredits its success in this beauty industry with taking the time to make products their clientele desire.

Makari is especially well known within the beauty community for its skin whitening products. Just a few of their most popular whitening products include a clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap and a body beautifying whitening milk. In addition to these whitening products, Makari offers a wide variety of skincare lotions and soaps full of carrot and argan oil. The manufacturers at Makari have found that the combination of carrot and argan oil work perfectly to bring out the best in their clients’ skin tones.

Besides skincare products, Makari sells shampoos, hair renewal creams, eyeliner pencils, perfumes, and jewelry. Makari truly is an all-in-one shop for everyone’s beauty needs.

For those who have children, Makari also offers a “Bebe” line of baby cleaning products. These products include baby shampoo, baby soap, cleansing milk lotion, and many handy combination kits.

One of Makari’s brand new product lines is called “Makari Gold.” This includes Makari’s 24K gold beauty milk, a 24K gold lightening soap, and a 24K gold night treatment cream. All of these products are top-shelf beauty items that are guaranteed to exfoliate, renew, and refresh every one of their customer’s skin conditions.

Makari is the leading company for skincare and whitening products in the beauty industry. This Swiss-based beauty manufacturer offers some of the greatest gifts for women all around the world. In addition to their many physical locations around the world, Makari also has an online store. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with Makari.

Lime Crime Has the Velvetines Touch

Lime Crime makeup company is one of the most colorful, beautifully crafted makeup company that has come out in the last decade. One of their top selling products is their Velvetines lip colors. This lip color is a mixture of liquid lipstick and matte turn out when it dries. It gives full, thick cover all over the lips. It’s amped up to be quite long-lasting and many customers agree with that sentiment.


What makes the Lime Crime Velvetines appeal to younger generations, is Lime Crime being dedicated to being a vegan company. They have no desire to harm animals in the creation of their products. There is no reason to hurt animals to make beauty products, since that is a very non-beautiful thing to do. The founder and owner of the company -Doe Deere- is also an animal lover. Since she is a cat owner and even her name can make peopel safely assume she is a fan of deer, there was no reason in her eyes to bother with harming animals to sell her products.

Glambot is a great example of how Lime Crime’s Velvetines are a wild array of colors for nearly everyone and for every occasion. The liquid to matte lip colors come in purple, deep plum, grey, red, hot pink, light baby pink, raven black, brown, neon purple, orange, blue, deep blue, yellow, green, nude, squash, pumpkin and many more shades of the rainbow. Their lip colors are meant to be outrageous and eye catching. The Lime Crime company knows that their consumers are bold and brave and want to have bold and brave lip colors and other makeup products at their disposal.  They have a massive social media empire, and you can follow Lime Crime through Tumblr, as well as Facebook.


Makari Is One Of The Best Producers Of Beauty Products

Makari produces skin lightening creams that provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. Their creams can help to get rid of dark spots, acne scars, and stretch marks. Their skin lightening creams use natural ingredients without harmful additives. The ingredients include argan oil, caviar, and carrot oil. These materials have significant benefits to the health of skin. Some of their products also contain Omega-3s and probiotics. Makari has gained a strong reputation for their skin lightening creams, and the company is thought of as the leader in skin lightening creams.

In addition to their skin lightening creams, they produce other products. These products include hair care products, supplements, jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics. In addition to creams that lighten skin, they have a wide range of lotions that do not have lightening properties. Some of them are specifically designed for other skin care needs, such as reducing acne. They even produce products for babies, such as baby shampoos. Makari sells a number of kits containing multiple products, and some of these kits are designed specifically with the holidays in mind.

Makari’s products are easy to get. Their prices are affordable, and you can find their products easily. You can buy them off of their website, and the shipping costs are reasonable. Their website ships products to locations throughout the world. It is also possible to find their products from offline vendors. In fact, they can be found in many beauty stores located throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

It’s convenient to speak with a customer service representative about their products. Their contact information is listed on the Makari website, and they can be reached by email or phone. If you contact them by email, company representatives will be back to you in short order. Their phone lines are open from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday EST.

Put Your Best Face Forward With Lime Crime

Everyone wants to put their best face forward and great makeup can accentuate your best features to do just that. A brand that makes putting on that best face easy and affordable is Lime Crime.

Lime Crime makeup was started in 2008 by Doe Deere. The company came about because Doe couldn’t find makeup to complement the awesome clothes she made to sell on ebay. The Lime Crime brand launched its Unicorn lipsticks in 2009, a line of products that lead the trend for distinct and radical lip colors In 2012, the company introduced their first line of Velvetines which are the hugely popular liquid to matte lipsticks. Since the creation of the company, their products have always been cruelty free. Although some products were vegan from the start, in 2012 all products were reformulated to meet vegan standards. So,this brand doesn’t just offer incredible beauty products but products that are socially responsible.

The beautiful lip shades with quirky, easy to remember names like Posh and Happi are sure to make you look and feel great. The company has a great selection of eyeshadows like their popular lucid/dream which a wet/dry foil eye-shadow duo that is part of their Superfoils line. And of course, you need some great eyeliner and they have that too. All of the Lime Crime brand of products are affordable without skimping on quality.  They’re available from all the major retailers too.  The only hard part is figuring out what to try first, so browse some Tumblr photos, and maybe even their Facebook feed to get an idea of what’s new.

Grow Your Hair With Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz a revolutionary way to nourish your hair. Transform your hair this summer with a inviting summer peach flavor. Thousands of people each year use Wen by Chaz to revitalize and pamper their hair. You’ll love the new you, for just a fraction of the cost of other hair care solutions. They provide all natural treatment for under $40. Wen by Chaz meets the demands of most budgets, but is trustworthy enough to be used by the stars. Getting your hair back to a healthier state has never been easier. Show your hair some tender loving care
One young lady from a popular college in the south decided she would purchase Wen by Chaz with her own money and give an account of her testimonial to the Bustle online readers. She was skeptical about trying another product on her thin hair. She tried the salon visits and the beauty store hair remedies, but none of them seem to work. Ironically, it was a commercial that got her interested in Wen by Chaz. After looking at the commercial and seeing the luxurious locks on the models Wen by Chaz deserved a chance. She admits that it was very easy to order the strengthening conditioner from online.

By the end of the week her hair was noticeably healthy and stronger. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers for a unique all-in-one hair care solution. Wen by Chaz can easily be purchased online on Amazon or from their easy to read and navigate website. Don’t miss out on your hair care revolution with Wen by Chaz today. Visit to learn more about Wen. For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel.


For The Love of Dark Skin: Use Makari Skin Creams

 Makari is a beauty line that is devoted exclusively to the care, nourishment and lightening of dark skin. Their clientele is nearly all African or east Indian women.

Makari skin care products contain natural skin lightening ingredients which hydrate and nourish skin. Natural antioxidants lighten skin without harsh chemicals leaving skin lightened, exfoliated and nourished. Clients love the luxury of the products and the way it feels on skin.

Makari, whose name is Swahili for “beautiful” was the brainchild of over ten years of Swiss skincare research. Realizing the need for skin care, hair care and cosmetics for dark skinned women, Makari set out to make luxury skin care for that demographic. Avoiding harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, Makari sought to nature for skin lightening and nourishing ingredients. Swiss researchers have used pumpkin seed oil, carrot extract and argan oil to provide a basis for these wonderful products that enrich and lighten, and even out skin tone.

Makari is the only luxury skin care company for dark women. In addition to skin lightening serums, toners, lotions and creams, Makari’s skin care products provide ultra hydration, exfoliation, acne scar reduction and sheer radiance. To find this level of quality with all natural ingredients for colored skin is truly a dream come true for millions of women. Makari is currently at work adapting skin care for men and babies of color.

Where so many products are geared to changing complexions and lighter skins, Makari has found a much needed niche for not only skincare, but hair care and cosmetics for dark tones. This is truly a first in skin care for dark women to have skin lightening products that are effective and gentle. Women are thrilled with the look of their skin and its health, radiance and natural glow.

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