The History and Current ventures of Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur has been with the Swiss Private Banking business for almost 20 years, and has made his way in the industry by being a commercial apprentice for an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. Then in 2004, when Baur was 39 years old, he began his journey as an entrepreneurial journey as he founded, along with two partners, the Swiss Start up Factory, which came to be the number 1 privately and independent financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator within Switzerland. Mike has invested a lot of time for the Swiss youth entrepreneurship, as well as the various Swiss Startups that he supports both as a mentor and financially. He has also been the director and co-founder for the Swiss Startup Association. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Rochester New York and also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


The Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014, as it was driven by ambitions for creating global companies that has disrupted the products, prevailing norms and business models. The core of the business is a program that runs over three month’s, which provides information for the early stages of startups, this including services, financing, mentoring, coaching and office space, and the access for investor networks and large entrepreneurial services. Some of the things that are provided specifically through the office space, some of the specific things that come with an office space is co-working desks, fitness center and changing room, super powerful meeting rooms, nespresso bar, welcome area, lunch and kitchen space, video studio, free WiFi, and post and mailbox. Prices for office spaces also vary by what type of office space is needed, for a working space, which is just half a table is 390 dollars a month, a working desk, which is a full desk is 590 dollars a month, and a small office which is 17 square meters is 1250 dollars a month. 360 services offer individual services that help in getting ideas off the ground, this program is a complete a to z accelerator program that brings a startup and their product to the market, and provides an in-depth customized service package, for helping in maturing startups to grow. This service provides a pre-accelerator, accelerator, a growth accelerator, as well as a co-working space, free legal advice for startups that are just getting started and accounting services who take care of bookkeeping, this giving the client time to focus on improving their product.


The Influential Work of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame has accomplished many things throughout his life. As a Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising Executive, Goodgame ash become influential and well known in creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence, something is stated on his website. Looking at the success of Goodgame shows how much he has accomplished as well as what he continues to do in the field of operations management.

The personal website of Kenneth Goodgame offers some insight into what he has accomplished. His resume, which is listed on his website, highlights his vast experience. Some of it includes managing full P&L, creating and implementing a “5-year comprehensive corporate strategic plan,” as well as marketing and merchandising management. Goodgame’s experience in these areas as well as further experience in POG/JDA Management, heat mapping, as well as launching 250 SKU EDLP program. All of this experience as well as numerous other experiences of Goodgame are addressed on his resume on his website. It ultimately shows how committed as well as how successful Goodgame has become throughout his experience. His role in the previous experienced mentioned was Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. His role at different organizations and industries only proves his success and his growing influence.

Also listed under the “Resume” section of his website are additional job titles he has held throughout his career. One of them includes General Merchandising Manager. At this position Kenneth Goodgame executed game-changing Craftsman program, created 4.5% annual growth in top-line sales, and was able to effectively increase new store openings by 300%. Goodgame’s other job titles includes being President of Baja Motorsports as well as President of Direct Tools Factory Outlets. In this role Goodgame was able to accomplish things such as turning each each of these organizations into a profitable business since they were purchased. Furthermore, Goodgame has also had experience as Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Channel, and Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting Products, which is also listed on his website. Overall, Goodgame’s experience shows his success as well as his influence at different organizations. It demonstrates how much he can accomplish.

Eric Pulier Succesful Track in Business and Philanthropy

The LA based entrepreneur, technologist and philanthropist Eric Pulier is the founder of more than 15 companies and start-up ventures spanning various sectors, including venture financing, information technology, community service and media. According to, the entities Eric has Founded or Co-Founder include; ServiceMesh, Akana, Digital Evolution, Desktone and US Interactive. The entrepreneur has also invested heavily in venture capitals such as Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital.

His brief in the government circle involved creating various exhibits to showcase the benefits that technology will portend in the near future. In terms of education, Eric graduated with a BA from Harvard University. His collegiate majors included; Environmental Studies, Computer Science and American Literature and English. Erick’s long drawn philanthropic efforts are mostly trained on using technology to uplift the well-being of the community. He has previously helped develop multimedia educational programs targeting people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and dug deeper into exploring the benefits of computers in education.

Pulier is also a great financial supporter of ACE and XPRIZE Foundations. The ACE Foundation uses software solutions to overcome challenges faced by the human society. Some of the projects the foundation is undertaking include development of a HIPPA conforming data analysis and registration system as well as a community focused management and micro-transaction system to enhance water distribution. XPRIZE Foundation, on the other hand, is a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes technological challenges and competition. Eric is also a distinguished public speaker and author of several blue prints of action and publications.

His most notable works include; The Enterprise Industrial Complex published by Forbes in 2012 and Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was co-written by Hugh Taylor.  According to, Eric continues to make appearances in various international conferences as a distinguished authority in technological matters. Following his highly decorated achievements, which have seen him turn small ideas into successful startups, VAR Business has named him in its elite list of 30 e-Visionaries.

Professional Network:

Mike Baur, Swiss Banking Inspiration

When you think of big banking and the best banks in the world, it is likely that your mind will immediately go to Swiss banking. For hundreds of years the world’s richest, smartest, and most strategic businessmen and women have been placing their trust and their money into Swiss banks. They are said to be the most elite of all the world’s banks and Swiss bankers have the respect of bankers all over the world.


One of the most respected Swiss bakers in the world today is Mike Baur. He has over twenty years of respected experience in Swiss banking and he is also a highly sought after businessman himself now. Currently, Mike is the owner of the Swiss startup company Factory AG. He used his experience in the banking industry to raise the funds he needed to begin the company. According to the company’s website, “Launched in 2014, the Swiss Start-Up Factory is a Zurich-based accelerator, looking for thriving digital entrepreneurs: we provide exciting opportunities from day one, through our strong network in Switzerland and around the globe.”


The company is getting a lot of attention from around the world for their innovative way of approaching business and helping others businesses to do the same. For example, they are big advocates of co-working spaces which allow anyone that is doing freelance work or may only need an office during odd house to be able to have access to a desk in an office like setting without having to go into a traditional office at another company. These co-working spaces are getting a lot of traction and praise from various types of independent workers for the many benefits that they offer and for there environmental space overall. They are also getting a lot of attention and recognition for their coveted “Best start-up Award” which pits teams that have been selected for their workshops against one another to prove that they are the best new startup around.


If you would like to learn more about Mike Baur, his career, and his company, you can do so by going to their website. There you will also be able to watch an interview with Mike where he tries to share some of his inspirations and hopefully gain a little inspiration for yourself and your startup if you have one.


Starting your own company can be a very challenging and stressful thing to undergo. It takes a lot of time and financial resources. It takes a certain kind of drive. Once you are in, you are in.

I know it sounds challenging, but Mike Baur is here to help. He is here to help make this time a little less stressful.

If you know what to expect going into this, then time won’t be so cruel to you. You will know the time frames and the financial resources you need to acquire. You will also know what to do so you don’t become too overwhelmed.”

–Mike Baur

This was a response Mike Baur gave in once of his public speaking engagements for business men and other executives. He spoke about a lot of things. He also gave some very helpful opinions and advice when it came to starting a company. Below there is a list of some of the things Mike Baur talked about.

1) Don’t expect this to be a normal working shift. You are going to be accountable for so much. You will have so much to oversee. This is not a job where you can punch out at the end of the day. It’s like being a doctor who is on-call all the time.

It’s best to know this going in. It’s also best to inform your family and friends of this going in. They won’t be seeing you as much. This requires a lot of patience and understanding from their end and yours. Think long an hard about this. Starting your own company requires a complete shift and change in your life, for better or worse.

2) Since you might not have the money right away to hire a finance guy, you might want to settle on someone from your own staff.
This guys needs to be good with numbers and completely on board with what you are doing. This can be a guy you previously worked with at another job. This can be a guy that someone has recommended to you.

As things progress and moves forward, then you can think about reducing the pressuring of your staff. You can think about hiring a finance guy. This has to be some kind of long-term goal.

I hope that some of Mike’s advice helps out. If you are looking for some more tips, or you are simply looking to get in touch with him, than you can find him on his own web page.