Magnises, a Social Club Founded by Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland, a 23-year-old, is the founder of Magnises. The exclusive social club allows members to get access to events using their black cards. The monetary benefits which come with it are what is making it more appealing to people. They card may be linked to credit cards for the purpose of making payments. Card holders will get discounts at hotels, pubs, clubs or even concerts.

The idea behind starting such a startup was to create a platform for millennials to connect with online and offline businesses, according to founder McFarland. Based on the fact that almost everyone carried a credit or debit card, the black metal card is similarly portable.

Magnises has made deals with various businesses in New York City. They include; Spin Studio Cyc clubs Finale and Goldbar, and La Esquina and Catch. It means that people with cards will get discounts when they visit these places.

Magnises was founded a little over a year ago, and its growing membership tells of a startup destined for greatness. Currently, it has a membership of around 10,000 people. Members have to pay an annual fee of $250. Magnises ha a mobile application which links members with events and deals offered.

The sign-up process is a simple one. One has to fill out an application form and wait to be approved by the Magnises team. The startup targets people who are between 21-35 years old and working in the technology, finance, and fashion industries. The company has so far raised over $3 million in funds and is looking to expand to Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and London.

Billy McFarland was an entrepreneur from a young age. The tech entrepreneur founded his first company when he was 13 years old. It was an online company which marched designers with clients. According to Fortune, Billy McFarland joined Bucknell University to study computer engineering.

As he was nearing the end of his freshman year, he dropped out and founded Spling. The online Ad platform enables users to change their URLs into graphics. He is still the Chief Executive Officer of Spling. Magnises was established in 2013 but officially launched in 2014.