Susan McGalla, a Leading Businesswoman who Motivates Women to believe in themselves

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman and a consultant. She has a long time experience in the business world, which she has gained from the various companies that she has worked for. Susan holds a BA from Mount Union College and later joined Joseph Horne Company where her career began. Susan career progressed, and in 1994 she got a job to work for American Eagles Outfitters, Inc.  Be sure to visit this related link.

When Susan joined American Eagles Outfitters, according to, the company was male dominated and no women held senior positions. Because of her dedication and hard work, she grew in her career and served in the central managerial positions for the company. The experience that Susan McGalla got was perfect for her career growth. She held the company president position and chief merchandising officer. Susan McGalla even launched an e-commerce site for the firm where her contributions are still felt to date.

Susan has excelled in her career and even diversified to consultancy. She has offered advice to some leading people in the finance industry who need insights on what is happening in the retail world. Her success is attributed to hard work, dedication, being flexible, and following her passion. Susan’s story is a source of motivation to women and the girl child all over the world that gender should never hinder them from achieving their goals. Susan has spoken to some women conferences and she encourages them to believe in their potential.Susan has participated in many philanthropic activities such as raising funds to educate the girl child. She believes that equipping a girl child with education equals to empowering her to take over the world. Hop over to

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