George Soros Is Trying To Reshape The American Justice System

The American political system is a complex affair, which is mostly misunderstood by the general public. Accordingly, the only focus of majority of Americans is the presidential campaign on Perhaps, it is also the reason why local elections including that of the district council do not generate interest. However, political students understand that local elections play an instrumental part in dictating the future of lawmaking in America.

It is also the primary reason why the Billionaire George Soros is actively supporting minority candidates in the local elections in Seven States. If the trend continues, George Soros is sure that it will be an important step in reshaping the entire justice system of the country. His belief in a fair system has forced George Soros to donate nearly $3 Million in funds to the district-attorney campaigns on Bloomberg in six states over the past year. In comparison, the donation exceeds the total amount donated in the 2016 presidential campaign by the super-donors, combined.

George Santos has traditionally supported Democratic Party due to its favorable policies towards the minority groups in America. By helping minorities win the local district attorney elections, he is trying to reshape the justice system, which will help to reduce racial disparities and help build programs which favor rehabilitation instead of the punishment. Once elected, local prosecutors on Time can force the government to make changes.  Eventually, many of these lawmakers end up in the Federal Justice System where laws are made that mostly favors majority groups.

Despite the fact that George Soros himself belongs to the majority group, he has invested heavily in local campaigns that includes candidates from Hispanic and African American background. The funding in six different States will help minorities raise their voice. For instance, George Soros donated nearly $1.4 Million to the local elections in the Metro Orlando. His favored candidate Aramis Ayala is running against a powerful incumbent Jeff Ashton. Electing Aramis will likely make a difference as local prosecutor will be in charge of the criminal proceedings originating from $1.6 Million population of the two counties in Metro Orlando.

Campaign by George Soros seems practical considering that a recent research report commissioned by the Carter Group indicated that elected positions for the local district offices are held by Whites, which constitute 95 percent of the elected posts. Even more striking is a revelation by Wake Forest University that 85 of the district attorneys are elected without any opposition. Since these important lawmaking positions serve as the main source for Federal justice system, it seems important to introduce minorities in the equation.