People Come Over Politics For Thor Halvorssen

Over the course of his human rights career the Venezuelan born activist Thor Halvorssen has spent much of life ignoring the demands of his contemporaries and instead going his own way to become one of the world’s best known human rights fighters. Halvorssen is not only a respected political figure, but is also well known for his abilities as a film producer, which have assisted him in creating his own Human Rights Foundation and helping to found the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Thor Halvorssen is well known to those with even a passing interest in the human rights activism community because of his many writings and appearances on some of the world’s best known news media channels. The writings of Thor Halvorssen have appeared in The Washington Post and Time magazine, while his public appearances have see him give his thoughts on human rights on the BBC and Fox News Channel.

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Although Thor Halvorssen has not set out on his career to achieve awards and achieve public recognition he has been given a number of awards, including an award from the Romanian Government to commemorate the country’s revolution of 1989. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Thor Halvorssen has also been awarded the prestigious Sol Feinstone award from his Alma mater to recognize the work he has completed in a bid to protect the free speech all students should enjoy.

The issue of political beliefs is not something Thor Halvorssen considers on a regular basis, instead choosing to look for Human Rights Foundation employees with a passion for activism and the protection of human rights; in fact, Thor Halvorssen states he does not question workers at the Human Rights Foundation about their political beliefs when employing them to work in the small group of 12 who form the basis of the work of the organization.

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