Goettl Air Conditioning: Ready For Anything That Comes Their Way

It is nearly impossible not to admire a man like Ken Goodrich. This is a man that never backs down from a challenge and never runs and hides from anything that is put on his plate. Instead, he merely puts on his thinking cap, gets to work, and figures out solutions. While other people see certain situations as problems, Ken Goodrich sees them as a chance at solutions. He loves to take something that was once broken and bring it back to life again. He loves the rebuilding and rebranding business as well. This is what he does and quite frankly, he does it better than anyone else in the world.


That is why anyone would be foolish to doubt his ability to fix and repair Goettl Air Conditioning even after all they had gone through. Now, people see Goettl Air Conditioning as a tremendous company that does it all when it comes to air conditioning. However, there was a time when the company was seen in a negative light and people wanted to avoid them like the plague. Even the employees did not enjoy working for the company. It was bad all around and they were losing money left and right.


Most people would say “thanks but no thanks.” People, in life, like a sure thing. What fun is that, though? If something is a sure thing, there is no work involved. Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning enjoy the work, no matter what it is. It is that much more rewarding in the end when they come around and are in a good place because they had to earn it every single step of the way and nothing was handed to them and nothing came easily. Now, they can reap the rewards while still keeping their eye on maintaining their new and improved status.