We Are Using Securus For Family Holiday Visits

The great distance between us and family makes visitation at the holidays difficult, and we are not often in the state where they are held. We have leaned on Securus for some time because of their service, and we are happy to speak to their customer service department at any time. They helped us set up our account, and I spoke to someone who showed me how to choose the proper person to call. We speak to several people over the holidays, and this article explains how we are using their app every day.


#1: How Long Have We Used Their Service?


I have been on Securus for some time because we are talking to family out of state, and the service has helped me reach out because I have no other way of reaching them. I have decided to call over the holidays while everyone is at the table, and we will have a good talk with all our family on different devices.


#2: Their Stevie Award


I noticed Securus was given a Stevie Award, and it warms me to know other people see the work the company has done. They are working hard to help us with our accounts, and they are doing the same for other every day. It is a good thing to see Securus connecting families, and our most important time of the year is made by their company.


We are talking to family every week with Securus, and they made special effort to help our family over the holidays, and we had many calls going at the same time without family. I am pleased to know the staff at Securus will help everyone, and I have heard their tender care over the phone. Anyone calling family in prison would do well to speak to Securus first.