Lustgarten: A Brilliant And Humble Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten was born and raised in Ponte Vedra, Florida in the year of 1959. He presently resides in an area that is considered one of the most expensive and top level beachfront communities in Florida. Martin takes advantage of his home office to give individuals guidance on beneficial methods to invest and save their income. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm and has been in the investment industry for quite some time now.

Martin is an individual who has produced a track record for himself as a well-known investment banker. He is popular for offering investment banking services in Panama, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lustgarten generally begins his clients off by inquiring how they want to invest and he has developed a remarkable customer list over the years by using this very unique method. Martin Lustgarten has dual citizenship. He is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela.

As a down to earth individual, he knows how to place men and women first then go for the sales later. He is an innovator who enjoys giving back to the local community and believes it is only evident to support where he is most devoted. Lustgarten even proceeded to go as far as raising money for dog shelters close to his home. Martin Lustgarten loves his lifestyle and his career mainly because of his dogs, and he wants every family to experience the same form of pleasure and contentment that he has. Lustgarten started his own personal GoFundMe campaign dedicated it to dog shelters, and he wants to send all the revenue obtained to the Florida Little Dog Rescue.