Chris Burch And His Nihiwatu Resort

There are quite a few people who will enjoy the Nihiwatu Resort that has been built by Chris Burch, and they will find that he has an eye for design that makes this place fun to visit. This article explains how Chris Burch and his hotelier partners have made a better resort for all to visit. Remodeling a small hostel in Indonesia has netted the world a brand new five-star resort.

#1: Who Is Chris?

Chris Butch is the leader of Tory Butch, and he is willing to invest in properties around the world as he knows they are stable investments. He and his partners wish to ensure that the properties they create around the world have the highest amount of style and sophistication as possible. Nihiwatu is their newest, and there are many people who will visit this resort because it provides the experience they want.  To follow his recent timeline activities, click on

#2: What Is Nihiwatu?

The Nihiwatu Resort is a reformed hostel that Chris bought with his partners. They put many millions into the property to turn it into the finest resort that they could. Someone who wishes to take a trip to the Indonesian islands will quite enjoy the way that they are cared for in the resort. Chris wanted the resort to be a beacon for service, and he wanted it to be as elegant as possible. Nihiwatu is a place that anyone will find beautiful the moment they get off the boat.

#3: The Location

Nihiwatu is on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, and he is a place with blue waters that people will enjoy. The weather is good there at all times, and people often go to this place because they want to see the finest scenery in the world. The island is a beautiful place to explore, and the beaches in this location offer views of many places around the Indian Ocean. Anyone who wishes to see this place may sit on their balcony or the beach when they come to the resort.

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Chris Butch has done quite a lot of work on the Nihiwatu Resort to ensure that it will grow, and he has built a five-star resort that anyone would enjoy. There are quite a few people who are coming to this resort because they need to get away for a while, and they will see the beautiful spaces that Chris and his partners have selected for their guests.  Related article on

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