George Soros, The Man That Bet Against The Bank Of England And Won, Is Betting Against Trump Now

The list of humanitarian accomplishment under the name George Soros is impressive. Soros, the 86-year-old, Hungarian-born, hedge fund manager, has left his indelible financial footprint on the world, and he continues to make that footprint larger. The Soros Open Society Foundation is one of the most influential foundations in existence. Soros has given away billions of dollars to organizations with like-minded goals. Some of those goals are eliminating the death penalty, legalizing drugs, and spreading Democracy to every corner of the world. The Soros quest to spread Democracy is similar to the quest to spread Christianity around the world with one or two exceptions. George Soros uses his almost unlimited wealth to achieve his goal rather than using fear and psychological tactics. Soros also promotes unity, rather than nationalism, and in certain parts of the world, he is making steady progress.

To understand why George Soros gives away billions is a complicated feat on Politico. George was a refugee in the 1940s, so he learned what authoritarian governments can do to a nation. Soros also holds two degrees in philosophy from the London School of Economics, and that part of his life plays a role in how he thinks and acts today. The other interesting fact about George Soros is he manages a hedge fund that has more than $25 billion in family assets under management. That’s not counting the $13 billion he has in personal accounts. Some economists call him one of the smartest financial people in the industry, and others call him the most politically powerful individuals on the planet. No matter what name is used to describe George Soros the truth is he is simultaneously impacting American and international cultures on more than anyone in history.

Soros considers himself a missionary with a divine message to transform global institutions into a united force of positive energy. In his 1987 and 1991 books, Soros describes himself as an economic reformer. George Soros is trying to create a global society for the global economy, and that isn’t easy especially in these diverse times. But one of his main missions is to keep Donald Trump from tearing down a social structure that took years to build. Soros spent more than $10 million to get Hillary Clinton elected, and he spent another $10 million to get other Democratic candidates elected. That strategy didn’t work, but he’s not giving up. His Democratic Donor Alliance is already changing the Democratic Party. According to an article published by, George played an important financial role in organizing the “Women’s March on Washington.” The March was a protest against Trump’s political agenda and his policies. Soros won’t stop until Trump is stopped, and he has the power and the support to do that.