Billy McFarland Launches Black Card Services For Millennials

Billy McFarland is the founder of Magnises, a black card company. He founded the company in the year 2014.The company offers it services mainly in the city of New York. As of today, the company is regarded as the fastest growing profitable enterprise around the globe.

McFarland’s passion of connecting people, industries, and communities began at an early age of 13. He took his first lesson as a coder after he founded his first company. Naturally, McFarland in an entrepreneur who has used his skill to formulate methods of acquiring revenue. Currently, he has been able to attract and generate money from Millennials by offering them with a black card service.

According to Business Insder. Billy McFarland identified that Millennials were in search of a fast, classy and expensive life they could not afford. Back in school, he had always wished for a high-end life.

It was due to these circumstances that the idea was born. Therefore, he sought to provide these services at cheaper costs for young professionals. His primary target was those living in Eastern coast cities.

Magnises designed a black card that can be used at designated places. However, the card is not linked to any financial institution. It does, however, work by transferring data from the credit or debit card to its magnetic strip. With the transmission of data, it can be used to pay for any services in the black card designated points.

Being an active member of Magnises, one gets to enjoy and have fun as well as gain access to special events and the best deals in New York. By owning a black card, you get to enjoy discounts at hotels, restaurants, bars, and private clubs.

The card offers several features among them being Club Pass. This Pass allows members to access the finest clubs in New York at a fee of 65 dollars a month. There is the Hotel Pass that allows cardholders to spend a night at designated hotels at very low prices.

The best deal offered by this card is whereby, card holders can rent co-working spaces in New York at a mere 100 dollars. This by far is the best service the card offers as the co –working spaces a charged 500 dollars to non-members.

Finally, McFarland has designed a Magnises app that can assist cardholders to find just about anything in regards to Magnises. The app can answer questions, and when prompted, can give locations of the best joints around New York that accept the black card.