Jason Hope’s Tips for Business and Philanthropy Success

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with an extensive investment portfolio of technology companies who is also very interested in participating in and writing extensively about the present and future of biotechnology trends.

His satisfying personal passions involve his extreme furthering of technology advances such as the Internet of Things and seeing the use of his $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation that has furthered research into major medical advancements to provide anti-aging processes and work to reverse lung cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory illnesses through technology and hopefully prevent those diseases from developing.

Selling his house after being on the market for five years, Jason Hope says that freed up resources, and he is looking forward to doing more with his time and money. He wants to continue to help and inspire the next generation of futurists through his grant program for high school and college students that encourages forward thinkers.

In the beginning of his career, Jason created Jawa, a mobile communications company, which became his parent company that added partnerships in the technology industry. He feels strongly that the future of society relies on technology connecting and interconnecting things, people, and places. He says you always need to have an open mind and focus on where technology is heading.

When asked for one marketing strategy that works well to generate new business and make business connections, his answer was that social media is a proven method of readily-available marketing that stays in touch with potential customers and reports new business opportunities.

Jason also writes for numerous tech-related companies as a guest blogger and has a goal to get his future of technology theories and thoughts out to educate and encourage the general public and those in business.

Improving Technology-John Goullet

Technology has been advancing in the recent years and companies are forced to move with the trend, by embracing the Technology to stay relevant as well as improve their services delivery and build brand. Diversant LLC is described as one of the largest Information Technology Solution companies in the United States.

Diversant Technology LLC has a responsibility of offering products and services including IT staffing, direct hire as well as advanced variety Solutions. Diversity LLC is devoted to deliver a range of supply chain in order to offer quality services as well as products to their clients. The information technology solution company also a mandate of providing other companies with permanent basis, contracts as well as Information Technology talent on reliant. Diversant LLC has a dedicated team of professionals who always ensures that they satisfy the needs of their customers. To meet the needs of their clients the organization has formed a strategy of employing competent workers and assign them work according to the needs of their customers.

Diversant LLC is a fully certified organization that is owned by the minority. The company offers full cycled modified software development to its customers. Diversant LLC matches the needs of their clients and the professionalism of their works hence helping in the creation of a strong relationship between the information technology institution and their customers.

John Goullet has been a major contributor in the growth of Diversant LLC. John is the principle of Diversant LLC and has a vast experience in the Information Technology world. He began his career as an IT consultant before starting his practice as an IT staff account Executive. Mr. Goullet is a go-getter and he started Info Technologies in 1994 where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Info Technologies was responsible for focusing on Information Technology resolutions to more than 500 companies across the United States. Goullet is a Masters and a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science from the Ursinus College, Pennsylvania. Mr. John believes in discipline, team work as well as ethical behavior for him and others in his organization to succeed. Apart from the traits he believes one should poses, Goullet in other personal attributes including, hard work and diligence for every entrepreneur.


How Did Eric Pulier Advance Enterprise Technology On His Own?

Eric Pulier was one of the first to come out with enterprise technology in the 90s. He wanted to give businesses a way to connect in a time that was before the smartphone, and we still use this kind of technology to this day. We know that we have had a lot of things to do that could have only been done because we all had our phones connected to email and calendars, and we were glad to start using it as soon as it came out. We have been working with Eric Pulier since then, and we are very happy to use what he offers.

The enterprise technology is something that allows us to offer company phones to all your employees when they come on the staff. They get an app that works with their enterprise accounts, and we can send them information at any time. We can send information directly to the phone to make it ring a notification on the spot, and we can help people who are new by sending them information they need when they are in the field. Everyone who is using this kind of service should make sure that they are informed as they work.

We have been very invested in helping our employees, and that is why we want to keep using enterprise technology to help. We have been updating with Eric Pulier as he goes, and we have been on the cutting edge of this technology just like he has. We use everything that he has to offer, and we make sure that we implement it instantly. We do not want to waste time in the field, and that is why we are using this software over all others. We have been very efficient as a business just because of Eric Pulier’s help.

Eric Pulier @Facebook: Eric.Pulier

Michael Zomber: Grace In The Face Of Adversity

Michael Zomber is an American antique weapons collector, author and documentary filmmaker. In 2003 he was wrongly accused and convicted of mail fraud and was sentenced to 30 months in jail. The separation from his wife and two young children was difficult.  He tutored many inmates to pass their high school equivalency tests, wrote legal documents, and authored 7 novels and nonfiction books, all of which available on Amazon.

In 2008, the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his conviction and demanded a new trial. Then in July of 2009, Zomber was exonerated.

He is well known for his fascination with Japanese samurai swords and samurai culture. One of the books he wrote while in prison was the novel, “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan”.

Zomber also started a film company, Renascent Films, with his wife, Andrea. Together they produced “Soul of the Samurai”, a documentary that won critical acclaim. Zomber has also appeared as a guest historian on the History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun” series.

Despite his interest in antique weaponry, Zomber supports several non-profit organizations that are dedicated to promoting peace, such as UNICEF, Amnesty International, and Doctors Without Borders.

Today Zomber lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA according to Facebook, with his wife and two children, Gabriella and Christopher.