An Advocate For Education

Alexei Beltyukov is no stranger to education. He himself started his career in medicine before tackling the business world. He has had many successful business adventures. One of his latest business adventure is the creation of an interactive math software designed for both educators and students.

Alexei Beltyukov understands that math is a weakness for many students, especially those students in the United States. His goal is to make this interactive software will be found in every household that has a high school student.

What students will find when they go to is a homework space in which educators have created for a certain set of parameters. This is not another site in which students will answer a bunch of multiple choice questions.

Instead, students will be required to input actual answers and will need to show their though process. Alexei Beltyukov believes that progressive thinking is what is important and by allowing students to make mistakes and then learn from these mistakes will better prepare them for the future.

Beltyukov hopes that SOLVY will be the educational tool that teachers will use to help to understand and manage their students. Educators will be able to offer feedback outside of the walls of the classroom as well as monitor progress within the class. SOLVY can also interact with the students. It can offer hunts and feedback which is something a simple online math textbook cannot do.

SOLVY is what students need, according to a Daily Motion video, to gain that academic edge that is needed across this country. Teachers can see first hand where students are struggling and can adjust their curriculum to reflect the needs of the student. This will help students to become more competent in the area of math, which will make them more competitive as well.