Best Shea Lip Balms

If you haven’t heard of shea butter by now then you’re way behind the rest of the world! Shea butter is a fatty buttery concoction that’s made from African shea tree nuts. The uses for it are endless, from being in delicious food products and chocolates, natural organic medicines, to personal care products like lotion and lip balm. Here are some lip balms that contain shea butter in them. Visit to read more stories.

Essence of Smooth couldn’t be more right on target with their brand name. From the way their lip balm cases look to how the actual lip balm and smell itself is vibrant and smooth. The EOS Summer Fruit Sphere is a popular all across the globe, with celebrities themselves carrying the small red balls of lip balm. They’re relatively affordable and easy to use too. The simple twist to remove and apply is matched with how satisfied you feel when you twist it back and hear that click, see also for more. The smell of passion fruit is great and not overwhelming at all. The shea butter in their formula makes it easy to glide on your lips and makes it last for almost the whole day. They have a whole array of lip balms with shea butter in them such as the EOS Visibly Soft Lips, and the organic ones. Read more stories.

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