The Lovaganza Foundation Brings The World Closer Together

The Lovaganza foundation has spent a large amount of time in recent years preparing to bring entertainment to the world and develop a more peaceful way of living with a greater understanding of the different cultures found across the planet. Lovaganza will explore the different cultures of the Earth in the movies and animated series they will produce in the buildup to the 2020 global event that will allow every person the opportunity to explore every culture through a series of interactive exhibits.

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Lovaganza has been looking back to an earlier time in the entertainment industry for inspiration used for “The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy of movies that will hit the big screen prior to 2020; however, the entertainment specialists headed by filmmakers J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon also understand the use of technology plays a major role in furthering their aims of improving the quality of life for people around the world by the middle of the 21st century. The latest technology has been developed specifically for the Lovaganza foundation to make sure the touring show that will bring the work of the group to the people of the world in an unforgettable way. A new screening experience will be used as the central point for Lovaganza as the group takes its entertainment around the world as part of the 2020 global event; the “Immerscope” screening process provides a wraparound cinema experience that allows each person to explore 3D images without the need for bulky and uncomfortable glasses.

“The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy will be exhibited at the traveling show and 2020 global event as it hopes to bring a sense of traditional movie making and moral values back to the screen. Understanding and exploring every culture in the world will form the basis of the message provided by the entertainment options created by Lovaganza that will be viewed by the people of the world in traditional theaters and as part of Lovaganza events. Pavilions will also be constructed during the 2020 global event and traveling show that will include live performers and interactive exhibits that will allow visitors to pass through the different continents of the world and explore different cultures from every corner of the planet.

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