Combating Cancer and Cheating the Natural Course of Life, with Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer therapies are advancing every day and treatments that combat the disease are being developed and improved as medicine improves alongside it. Every year, new researches and studies are done in many countries around the world, and the U.S. is not a stranger to these medical researches, as it is one of the leading nations in that chart.


Clay Siegall is one of these personalities that are continuously contributing to the development of solutions for these therapies. He is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company in Seattle which focuses on finding new and modern solutions for these therapies that target many diseases like terminal cancer.


Seattle has a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and their contributions to the healthcare industry are unmeasurable as a team.


Seattle Genetics is known for the development of the ADC technology, which stands for antibody drug conjugates. They are highly potent biopharmaceutical drugs designed as a targeted therapy, and are some of the best combatants against cancer and other harmful and lethal diseases.


Why are these antibody drugs so necessary? ADCs are developed to intentionally and exclusively target and kill only the cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.


ADCETRIS, conceived as an ADC that is used to target cancer cells, has been approved in more than 65 countries thanks to the dedication of Seattle Genetics in developing a safe and effective drug for the treatment.


As founder, CEO, President and Chairman of the Seattle-based corporation, he founded the firm in 1998, meaning that he is nineteen years with the company, being one of the biggest contributors in recent history to the ongoing search for the cure for cancer.


Some of the greatest accomplishments of Dr. Siegall was, apart from leading the company to great grounds and the stabilized situation that it is in today, he has led the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which is used by healthcare institutions to improve their therapies. Apart from that, he has secured and fought for the approval of the 2011 FDA and ADCETRIS®, the first ADC product from 2011 FDA.

Clay Siegall was always interested in the medicine field, and part of the reason why he wanted to found his research company was to help medicine prevent natural deaths by disease and contribute to improving the quality of life of humans.

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