End Citizens United: Ending Money’s Role in Politics

Health care reform, an increasingly contested political issue in American politics, is becoming a progressively more partisan platform. End Citizens United has discovered that a secretive special interest group has spent $2 million in order to recompense 21 Republican members of congress who have voted for a health care reform that would result in an estimated 24 million Americans losing health care.

The controversial bill would result in raised health care costs for most Americans and a loss of coverage for upwards of 24 million Americans. Americans with pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer or pregnancy would be drastically negatively affected by the plan, as it seeks to remove life-saving safety nets.

ECU President and Executive Director Tiffany Muller stated, “House Republicans voted to destroy health care for millions of hardworking American families. As they celebrated their repeal in the Capitol and at the White House, their secretive special interest allies immediately got to work doling out cash, repaying those politicians with $2 million worth of ads to deceive their constituents into thinking it was a good move”. The unfortunate truth being that the decisions politicians make are able to be swayed by funds from special interest groups, organizations like End Citizens United seek to expose corrupt, greedy career politicians.

Source: http://endcitizensunited.org/press-releases/gop-members-voted-health-care-repeal-rewarded-secret-special-interest-group/


End Citizens United, is a political action committee founded with the sole purpose of ending money’s role in American politics. According to USA Today, End Citizens United managed to collect a sizable chunk of funds, raising upwards of $4 million during the first three months of 2017. End Citizens United is projected to raise more than $35 million ahead of the crucial period of the 2018 midterm elections for congress. End Citizens United’s projected raising of $35 million would prove to be almost $10 million more than the total amount the PAC took in the 2016 election. Citizens seeking to end money’s role in politics such as the blatant bribes of 21 Republican members of congress who voted for health care reform are able to fight back by donating to End Citizens United, which ultimately seeks to elect “campaign-finance reform champions” to Congress.


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